Our #madeinUSAlighting campaign is going strong into day 3. So far we’ve shown you Cedar & Moss, a Portland based company, and Mio Culture who is right here in Philly. Today, please allow me to introduce George Nelson, an architect, writer, industrial designer who operated out of New York in the 40′s and 50′s.  He was a staunch modernist and with his book “Tomorrow’s House”, he helped define the vague concept that was soon to become modernism

Although George Nelson passed away in 1986 and modernism has come and gone, his ideas from “Tomorrows House” still resonate with us. In design were always looking towards “tomorrow” and towards innovation in the building industry. So we tip our hat to the past and offer to you these George Nelson lamps as we follow his guide and search for innovation.

The Nelson Saucer

What’s great about these lamps is their simple construction and big result. It doesn’t take a lot of material to create these large fixtures that cast a nice even light.  It’s probably for that reason that you may have noticed so many copies, particularly from IKEA who has a pension for simple, low material products. We’ve decided to offer the more updated criss cross versions because they’re kinda groovy but if you’re set on the classic Nelson we can accommodate that as well.

The Nelson Cigar Lamp

The Nelson Cigar Lamp is a classic example of modernism. Not only does the cigar evoke images of Mies Van Der Rohe gruffly sitting in his Barcelona chair criticizing someone’s inefficient design, it casts a soft glow that highlights its interior construction. We’re all about displaying the interworkings of a thing, as long as that thing looks good.

The Nelson Cigar Sconce

All the streamlined coolness of the cigar lamp at your bedside. How can you loose?

The George Nelson series highlights one of our favorite early modernist designers, but he is obviously not around to make your light or even have it sent out to his production facility. For that reason we’ve gone to Ylighting for the George Nelson Supply. They have a great selection of modern light fixtures made in the USA and do a good job of displaying the work of these period past designers.



Yesterday we kicked off our new lighting fixture options with our favorite new #MadeinUSAlighting company, Cedar & Moss. Today we switch gears to a local Philly company we’ve been following for half a decade that has been producing sustainable and affordable design products including lighting. The company is MIO Culture and located less than a mile from our headquarters on N. 12th St.

MIO Culture has a mission we’ve always admired and connected with. Their site is plastered with the words Beautiful, Sustainable and Affordable. These same driving words inspired us to build home a bit differently when we started up. MIO works constantly towards making sustainability something that’s easy for the masses to seek out and obtain in their everyday life while adding beauty to personal spaces at the same time. Check out more on their Philosophy here in their more eloquent words.

MIO is a small, talented group specializing in sustainable design and manufacturing. Not only have they built an impressive line of affordable design products and furniture, but they also take on larger consulting gigs to companies looking for innovative ways to improve their sustainability score while adding high design to their headquarters at the same time. For instance, if your company spits out some sort of recyclable waste you’ve just been giving away and you also have a need for new seating for your dingy old lounge or cafeteria, MIO has the skills to kill two birds with one waste stream and spit out something unique for your employees to sit on.

Enough. Words. On to the lights we are now offering in all of our homes from these local guys. And don’t forget to follow and participate in our #madeinphillylighting and #madeinusalighting campaign on Instagram over the next week or two.

Bendant Lamp – Dining Room

This first light comes in a variety of colors and it comes flat packed so you can bend it into whatever shape that suits your fancy. This is also a good place to note that we don’t have all the colors listed on our site for these new lighting options, so you’ll need to make sure you visit the manufacturer’s websites and then relay your exact options to us when specifying in your new Postgreen Home. Sorry, it’s just way too much work for our small crew to create on the existing site.

L-XL Lamp – Dining Room

This light hangs over Courtney and I’s breakfast nook or kids table in the new loft above Postgreen Homes’ headquarters. We went with a silver and white combo, as matte black was not available when we purchased ours. Now we have an excuse to find a new place for another one or three or these. The mix and match functionality of these recycled aluminum fixtures allows you to have the final input on their design for your home.

Capsule Light (x3) – Entrance Fixture

Very warm lights made of wool felt. Could they be any cooler? Made from sheep in PA. Crazy sustainability points.



The construction details of our homes are the most deliberated over, scrutinized and double checked part of each new project. Without nailing down the way the cladding connects or how the corner of the building is framed, energy efficient living would never be the result. We’ve been working on these details for some time have gotten all that information into that part of the brain with all the other things we’ve learned and can recite without thought, like the alphabet or the recipe for our favorite pie -strawberry rhubarb.

But our drive to create something a little more sustainable hasn’t stopped. Since we still go over those details quite a bit we’re going to ask for your help on this one. It’s a perpetual goal of ours to reduce the embodied energy that goes into our homes. It might also be nice to support the local economy and invest more in the city or at least the country where these new homes will be. And wouldn’t it be sweet to get a prize for doing just that. Who doesn’t love prizes?

Well if you consider your prize to be a fancy new light fixture that you paid for then we’ve done all three of those things with our new #madeinUSAlighting and #madeinPhillylighting options. We’ve been tracking some young, innovative lighting designers for some time and finally decided to turn our image folder of cool light fixtures into new, upgrade-able options in all of our homes.

The first of these hip companies is Cedar & Moss, a straight out of the woods company with a modernist edge. This new lighting company was started by a veteran from Schoolhouse Electric, Michelle Steinback, who just couldn’t find the perfect fixtures for her mid-century house remodel. So she set up shop on the edge of a 645 acre park near Portland, Oregon and got to work.

Their fixtures are all made in the USA, with any glass parts hand blown over here on the east coast. The fabricators hand gives each fixture a unique personality and a little more depth in the finished product. We love the black and brass options they offer. That lux wax coating they use gives each fixture a very serious semi-matte finish. Cedar & Moss has nailed down all the minute details that goes into good modern design and we’re excited to see some of these options go into our homes.

You can check out some of their options on our websites customization page. We have been offering Cedar & Moss fixtures for #halllights for a few months, but we think their aesthetics are such a good fit for our modern homes we’ve selected a few more from their website for #kitchenislandlights, #diningtablelights and #entrancelights. We’re pretty excited about these guys and we’re very happy to give our eco-minded home buyers another way to reduce their homes carbon footprint and invest in something a little more local.

Cedar & Moss was high atop the scrutinized list of local designers and fabricators we’re adding in to our options list. Stay tuned for more to come, were hoping to pump out one frantic, informative post per day to highlight each company. You can also follow along on our Instagram Feed where we’ll be tagging these options with #madeinusalighting and #madeinphillylighting all week and encouraging others to do the same with their favorite locally made lighting fixtures.



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